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Lou Reed

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I live unwanted and unneeded
by a hapless world
of beautiful individuals
who are oblivious to my existence
because it is unnecessary, and

There is a dominance of presence worldwide
that screams for more but whispers for less
as it has been taught that greater is better
and lesser is unspoken

But the world in truth knows it screams only towards self destruction
mindlessly mad for a taste of lingering hunger and desire
that pauses with benevolence over a hopeless red tongue
until it dissolves through and is left to find another bite, and

The world knows but fears to know, that it can take no more
as the bodies burn in pits dug by the boy who made my shoes
as daughters are crushed by the same buildings there fathers built
as families starve in soundless agony after picking cacao beans
and as women are stoned in the same burka seen in Vogue
The world cries an omnipresent tear

And I cry too
as I know that I am birthed from the dream of more
when truly too much is already here
and the existence of myself is saddening to me
as I know that my very being has caused pain and death
an insurmountable wail of human suffering
so that this dream of More can maintain

Yet even with all I know
which is little, but enough
to see right from wrong
I still purge into the ever beckoning light of desire
that cascades above me from these light up glass towers
reaching towards those ever so distant blue stars

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Monster me


Best nirvana album

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Mad Men