The lights dimmer

and the world turns in

hangs up its coat for one more night 

as floods roll in


you wait for light and hope for silence 

as the trees crackle and your feet shake

hungry for sleep and starved for peace

as tides turn in


you hold for stillness 

too peak out that glass window

too see that familiar world

to know that despite the terror in your spine 

your still where you are the day before

the road still waits and the trees too

but their static, holding to the ground with barely a whimper

or more of shriek

a high pitched wail

that carries itself into your mind and refuses to let loose


and in the sky the moon is full

but you wouldn’t know

 the clouds swirl and heave 

moving rapidly or maybe not at all


the floods pour in and take all that we know

flushing out our memories with a relentless flow

washing away the past

so that a new future can show


we’ll look out our window to know our own time

but what we used to see isn’t their anymore

it’s something new


and it is a frightening thing

but its good to see it’s there

otherwise everything would be the same

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